imprint a face in SpaceClaim

1 min Tutorial: How to imprint a face in SpaceClaim

Want to imprint a face in SpaceClaim?

This is very useful and important when you have to prepare a model for FEA simulation for example.

Consider this situation for example:

You have a bolt which goes through 2 plates and you need to simulate that…

Problem: The bolt head need to be imprinted on the top plate in order to created a good FEA model

To make good mesh in this area for example or simply to assign contacts…

This “imprinting” process used to be tricky in the past in some other software that I won’t mention…

But in SpaceClaim, it is really easy to do!

Ok, now, here’s a 1 min video tutorial that I just recorded so you see immediately how to do it.

How to imprint a face in SpaceClaim on a solid?

As you saw in the video, imprint a face in SpaceClaim is truly simple… and now only on the top plate.

SpaceClaim detects the other zones in which you may need an imprint and you just have to click to do it… I couldn’t dream better.

For those who like to read rather than watching the 1 min video, here’s the process to imprint a face:

  1. Go in the “Prepare” Tab in the Ribbon Menu
  2. Select the function “Imprint”
  3. Click on the red area that you want to imprint

That’s all it takes, really… 😉

If you are into FEA simulation, maybe you would be also interested to know how to check any mechanical design with FEA simulation, I have a free course on my blog FEAforall about it:

Free course: How to check any mechanical design with FEA Analysis

I will make also more space claim 1 min tutorials in the future about all the basic operations to create 3D CAD models.

Want more simple 1 min tutorials?

Do you have something you would like to do inside your CAD software but you simply can’t find how?

(Even not in spaceclaim,can’t be any CAD software)

Let a comment here and let me know, I‘ll consider your opinion next time I make easy 1 min tutorials.

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