merge 2 solids in spaceclaim

1 min Tutorial: How to merge 2 solids in spaceclaim

You will laugh when I tell you how to merge 2 solids in spaceclaim…

I make this video because I had to search for 20 min on google to find how to do it, and actually it was truly so simple that I wanted to bang my head against the wall for not seeing how to do it right away…

So, here’s the 1 min space claim tutorial:

How to merge 2 solids in spaceclaim using the “Combine” Tool

The thing is that in most CAD or FEA software, this function is actually called “merge” or “boolean operation”… but in Spaceclaim, it is called “combine”…

And when you click on 2 solids one after another, it just gives you an error…

But anyway, not you know that you just to follow this simple procedure:

  1. Select the “combine” tool in the Ribbon Menu
  2. Select the first solid
  3. Keep the “Ctrl” key of your keyboard pressed while you select the second solid

…and that’s all.

Easy enough, right?

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I will make also more space claim 1 min tutorials in the future about all the basic operations to create 3D CAD models.

Want more simple 1 min tutorials?

Do you have something you would like to do inside your CAD software but you simply can’t find how?

(Even not in spaceclaim,can’t be any CAD software)

Let a comment here and let me know, I‘ll consider your opinion next time I make easy 1 min tutorials.

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