remove an imprinted face

Spaceclaim 1 min Tutorial: How to remove an imprinted face

Want to remove an imprinted face on your spaceclaim model?

Let me tell you how in just around 1 min…

Sometimes, you just want to do something really simple, but you can’t seem to find how to do it… especially when you come from another software and the commands and tools are different.

I decided to start this series of 1 min tutorials to explain some of the most basic stuffs you may want to be able to do quickly without watching 1h videos in details…

So here’s the first tutorial:

How to remove an imprinted face in SpaceClaim

That’s the kind of operation that you frequently perform operations on models to prepare them for FEA simulation for example.

You know…

You just created a bolt and then imprinted it… but later you realised that you didn’t need that imprint…

But then you can’t find how to remove it ><

I have done exactly this yesterday…so I know how it can be frustrating.

That’s why I recorded this video so it will be easier for anyone else trying to do the same thing…

If you are into FEA simulation, maybe you would be also interested to know how to simplify a model for simulation, here is an article from my blog FEAforall about it:

How to simplify your CAD model for FEA analysis

I will make also more space claim 1 min tutorials in the future about all the basic operations to create 3D CAD models.

Want more simple 1 min tutorials?

Do you have something you would like to do inside your CAD software but you simply can’t find how?

(Even not in spaceclaim,can’t be any CAD software)

Let a comment here and let me know, I‘ll consider your opinion next time I make easy 1 min tutorials.

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